A-L-M Goals and Visions

As a young Libertarian forum, we believe in the power of words and the strength of dialogue. In order to achieve our goals, we seek out members of the community who embody our ideals, who challenge us to think, and who build up our own understanding of the meaning and importance of libertarianism. We regularly host events, such as fora and discussions, where everyone from students to academics to business leaders and political heavyweights can come together and bring together their thoughts and ideas.

Of course, we cannot hope to grow by only repeating our own views to those who already ascribe to them, and thus we seek to hear from and discuss with individuals from across the political spectrum. We strongly believe that one needs to be able to see the big picture before one is able to bring change to any part of it and so beyond spreading our own message, we want to give our members as well as the general public, the opportunity to compare and contrast our theories with those that have ruled Austria for the last 50 years and the others similarly struggling to have an impact on this country’s political stage.

Because our mission caters especially to the leaders of tomorrow, we place particular importance on hearing the words and absorbing the wisdom of the leaders of today. By providing these two groups regular opportunities to share meals and exchange thoughts, we give the future access to the lifetimes of experience, and we give the current leadership the opportunity to hear first hand how their goals and policies are being received by the youth of today.

In short, our mission is the spread and exchange of knowledge and ideas, across generations, across communities and cultures, and across the political spectrum.