A-L-M Mission Statement

The “Austrian Libertarian Movement” is an independent forum managed by students dedicated to the principles of freedom. The Austrian Libertarian Movement was founded in fall 2011 by students who want to increase the awareness for the importance of liberty for society. As a team of young students we are particularly concerned with the increasing growth of government and therefore the limits on individual freedom that this creates. In Austria and Europe as a whole we witnessed these limitations on individual freedom through more and more government intervention in the free markets and our personal lives over the last decades. Therefore we believe in the following key concepts of libertarianism[1]:

Individualism. Only individuals make choices and are responsible for their actions. In other words, Individualism demands both rights and responsibility.

Individual Rights. Every individual has a right to his life, liberty, and property. These rights are natural human rights and therefore not granted by government or by society.

Spontaneous Order. Our society evolved through the concept of spontaneous order and therefore cannot be planned by a centralized organization. Every attempt to plan our private lives and our economic environment would therefore be the “pretense of knowledge” (F. A. Hayek).

The Rule of Law. We are not advocating a lawless society. We strongly believe in the necessarily of generally applicable and spontaneously developed legal rules.

Limited Government. As libertarians we believe that government’s responsibilities should be strictly limited to the protection of freedom, live, and property.

Free Markets. “People will be both freer and more prosperous if government intervention in people’s economic choices is minimized.” (Boaz)  In contrast to the Government, free-markets work through voluntary exchange and therefore are needed in order to improve the living standard of the society.

The Austrian School of Economics influences our theoretical background; moreover we are supportive of all initiatives promoting libertarian ideas.

The Austrian Libertarian Movement’s primary objective is to promote these principles of liberty and increase the awareness towards the size and scope of government interventions/state paternalism and to promote the proven concept of self responsible entrepreneurship. We explicitly refuse to be involved in daily politics. Our primary goal is to promote the ideas in which we believe and hope that a liberty movement evolves out of these ideas, which is able to repel state paternalism.

Therefore the Austrian Libertarian Movement tries to connect organizations and individuals in favor of libertarianism. The forum will therefore host regular events ranging from lectures and workshops to more informal meetings with academics and business people. Throughout this brochure you will be informed about our activities.