A-L-M Meeting #4 – Farewell, Welfare? – On the nature and future of the Welfare State

A-L-M Meeting #4, December 13rd

“Farewell, Welfare? – On the nature and future of the Welfare State”


Claudia Gamon, JULiS Austria


Tom G. Palmer, Cato Institute, Washington


Herbert Walther, Institut for “Arbeitsmarkttheorie und -politik”, Wirtschaftsuniversität, Wien


Chaired by:

Nikolaus Jilch, Journalist, die Presse


Format: 10-15 minutes key notes by the speaker – followed by an open discussion.

Location: Institut für Wertewirtschaft, Schlösselgasse 19/2/18, 1080 Wien

Thursday, December 13, 2012 7:00pm until 10:00pm

Does the Welfare Stare promote social mobility?
Where does Welfare end?
Is the Welfare State a premise or a result of economic prosperity?
How much intervention can the social fabric bear?
Is the State a good parent/doctor/nurse?

Fierce and important questions in a time when the European Welfare State is not only at its economic end. People start to question the alleged benefits of the “caring hand” of the State. What is to come “After the Welfare State”?

We are looking forward to a thorough and cultured discussion!

The discussion was hold in English

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