A-L-M Participation at the ESFLC (European Students for Liberty Conference) 2011, Leuven (Belgium)

From November 18 – 20 2011 three members of the A-L-M Board participated at the European Students for Liberty Conference in Leuven (Belgium). “Students for Liberty” is a project coming from the US, which tries to encourage students and other young people in favor of free markets, less government spending and balanced budgets to unite and grow in order to influence present politics to act in a more sustainable way and to reduce protectionism thus giving young people more chances to be competitive, successful and self-responsible in present time and in the future. More than 200 young Students from 25 countries and organizations from all over the world had three days to discuss present political issues, connect with each other and listen and talk to business people (Prince Michael von Lichtenstein, Lars Seier Christensen (CEO Saxo Bank), etc.) and academics (Pierre Bessard, Pierre Garello, etc.).

In advance to the event there was an essay competition, where three Students Groups had the possibility to win a book collection worth 1250$ all of them from the renowned Economist Jesus Huerta de Soto. Of course the A-L-M team participated and was presented as one of the three winning groups at the conference.

Looking back we were happy to be part of this conference because we made lots of good contacts and learned a lot concerning organizing and recruiting. This conference strengthened our confidence knowing that there are similar problems in every country. Some are doing better than others, but you should compare yourself always with the best, while Austria is doing the opposite.

This year even more students will participate and of course the A-L-M will participate again!