The “Austrian Libertarian Movement” is an independent forum managed by students which advocates economic freedom and entrepreneurship as we believe both of these are crucial for growth and prosperity.

As a team of young students we are particularly concerned with the increasing growth of government and therefore the limits on individual freedom that this creates, because our generation is going to be affected by today’s bad policies.

The Austrian Libertarian Movement’s primary objective is to connect organizations and individuals in favor of libertarianism. We stress individual responsibility, support entrepreneurship, and argue in favor of free markets which, more than any other system has yielded economic incentives, progress and the connection of cultures and individuals from all over the world. In our opinion only a united movement can oppose big government and state paternalism.

The forum will therefore host regular events ranging from lectures and workshops to more informal meetings with academics and business people.

Our theoretical background is influenced by the Austrian School of Economics; moreover we are supportive of all initiatives promoting libertarian ideas.

Do you like to have more information about what drives us, read our Mission Statement.